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Drew Callner is the founding member of Callner Creates, a video production company based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Drew comes from a long family history of film production.  He grew up influenced by his Grandfather and Uncle writing, directing, and producing films. 


 Growing up in Seattle, Washington,  he eventually attended the Art Institute of Seattle, majoring in video production.   After art school, Drew moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Upon leaving the military, Drew moved back to Birmingham to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

 In 2016,  he embarked on a feature length documentary, Recovering Hope.  It took almost three years to shoot and edit, but the success was undeniable.  Seeing the vast outreach from his first project,  Drew went on to gain further experience working on feature films, in departments such as: Camera, Art, Locations, Set Design and Set Production.  He works regularly with large production houses, such as HBO, Netflix, FOX and HULU.

He currently runs Callner Creates, where he acts as the Executive Producer,  Director and Editor.  Callner Creates works with many companies, foundations, and individuals to provide full scale video productions for commercials and films. Callner Creates still maintains production of passion projects as well, ranging from short films to documentaries.


To date, Drew has won multiple awards as a Director , Editor, and Actor from U.S. and International film festivals and is acknowledged often for his work in addressing  sociological issues in the community, subjects such as, veterans mental health and substance abuse.